Bound by Mystery

Edited by Diane DiBiase

Bound by Mystery features Jeff’s “sublimely malevolent villain” Kharon turned hero in, “The Olive Growers.”

Bound by Mystery is a celebratory anthology commemorating mystery publisher Poisoned Pen Press’ 20th anniversary. The majority of the thirty-four short stories reside firmly within the mystery genre, and the writers are all Poisoned Pen Press alumni. Some have chosen to feature characters well-established within their own series—protagonists, supporting cast, and even one villain-turned-hero [that would be Jeff’s story]. Others have gone in totally different directions, inventing new characters and going dark or cozy for the first time, with chilling and delightful results.

Sunshine Noir

Edited by Annamaria Alfieri and Michael Stanley

Sunshine Noir features Jeff’s surprising “gem” of a story, “Someone Moved the Sun.”

“Someone Moved the Sun” introduces Toni, a young ex-pat musician working midsummer days as a private detective/fixer on a notorious Greek party-island in order to support Toni’s nighttime addiction to playing piano in a wild cabaret club peppered with unsavory types. As one reviewer wrote, “The surprising twists and turns in this story will have readers wishing Toni were a series character [which she now is in Jeff’s latest novels]. They might also be booking the next flight to Greece.”

Shaken: Stories for Japan

Edited by Timothy Hallinan

Shaken features Jeff’s chilling story, “The Missing.”

“The Missing” weaves four generations of historical facts into the story of a man and his eleven-year old daughter abducted off the beaches of Japan by North Korean soldiers. The man had not been back to his native Japan from Vietnam for twenty years, and now he and his daughter must do whatever it takes to survive while keeping secret precisely who they are.

Shaken: Stories For Japan is a collection of twenty short stories born out of the contributors’ concern for the people in the disaster zone of the Great East Japan Earthquake and resulting tsunami waves. All author royalties go directly into the 2011 Japan Relief Fund.

Making Story: Twenty-One Writers On How They Plot

Edited by Timothy Hallinan

Making Story features Jeff’s “Plotting From Epiphanies.”

Making Story cannot be described any better than it has been by author and reviewer Patrick Forsyth in calling it a “gem” that “will fascinate fiction writers:” “Making Story is a book in which 21 writers are first described by the book’s editor, then explain how they go about the task of writing fiction, illustrated by a sample of their writing. There are some useful insights here from a range of American writers and not only is what is said useful, the writing is exceptional….It is very clear that every single contributor takes writing very seriously.”