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Jeffrey Siger Jeffrey Siger Jeffrey Siger
Santorini Caesars
#9 in the series

An Aegean April

Available January 2, 2018

IIt all begins one evening on the eastern Aegean Greek island of Lesvos, close by Turkey, when the patriarch of a prominent shipping family, with a plan for shutting down the lucrative refugee trafficking pipeline between Turkey and Lesvos, is struck down in his own garden by a swishing sword.

When a refugee-turned-NGO-aid-worker is found at the scene, splattered with the victim's blood, he's immediately arrested by the local police, but his NGO boss convinces Kaldis to take over the investigation, and we're off on a nail-biting ride with Kaldis and his team through Byzantine island politics, deteriorating diplomatic relations, and a world on fire amid the intrigues and brutality of a cool, resourceful, ruthlessly villainous narcissist, who keeps you in fearful suspense until the very end.

An Aegean April puts a human face to the moneymakers, human smugglers, fearful families, NGO activists, local islanders, politicians, press, and cops caught up in this epic catastrophe that is a seminal issue of our times.

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"Siger’s ripped-from-the-headlines ninth mystery featuring Chief Insp. Andreas Kaldis combines a convincing police procedural with lurid thriller elements... Vivid local color, agreeable central characters, and exciting action scenes make this a winner."
   —Publishers Weekly

"Siger's ninth Kaldis mystery (after Santorini Caesars, 2016) continues its tour through modern day Greece. This latest outing also offers a perspective on the Balkan Peninsula and the thorny issue of asylum seekers. A fast-paced international series."

"The ninth case for Siger's Greek detective (Santorini Caesars, 2016, etc.), brimming with suspense and a distinct sense of place, continues to deepen the back story of its band of heroes."
   —Kirkus Reviews

Poisoned Pen Press, hardcover, January 2018, ISBN: 978-1464209451
Poisoned Pen Press, paperback, January 2018, ISBN: 978-1464209475